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The aim of Atget Photography is to provide you with a comprehensive list of photography sites, fine art artists and digital web sites links to museums, galleries, magazines, organizations, masters of photography, black and white photographers, individual artists, visual / computer web arts, contemporary art directories and various other online art resources related historical, modern and cultural fine art theme.

Privacy Policy

Atget Photography does not collect any user specific identifiable information other than that given by a user when a web site owner enters details for a submission to the directory.

We do not use this information for any purpose other than to allow us to send the administrative information to a web site owner. We don't resell names or any individual data.

The information is not shared with anyone outside of Atget Photography.

How to Get a Listing In Atget Photography

This site will only accept submissions from sites which are acceptable for viewing by the general public.
Sites which portray the human form in an artistic and tasteful manner are acceptable.
We are not attempting to list every site on the Internet.
As a result not all submissions to Atget Photography are accepted.
Atget Photography's editors review every site which is submitted to the directory and only sites which will add diversity and uniqueness to the directory will be included.

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